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Featured Clip Juicy, elegant, and stunning moist wet lips are joined together with a chocolate thick long cigar to enhance your lustful experience of inhaling and puffing smoke for human ashtray bitches to adore. Lipstick remains are left at the end of the brown stick.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fun sport for lipstick purchasing

Introducing a new twist for clips4sale purchasing to my new fetish "auction" shop. Register absolutely FREE with your legit present email address. My own personal clips4sale shop is very unique because not only do you click a "buy now" or "add to cart" button which is similar to many clips4sale platforms and shops, but you are able to enjoy the fun sport of "bidding" on fetish content as well. I'll be selling a few of my used lipsticks for feminization girlies to purchase. Have a look around by clicking the banner up at top. New items will always be added just keep checking back.

Along with that I have included a temporary community forum for you to interact with me with plus free videos clips in replacement of my youtube videos. Once again this "community platform" is temporary as I am building a newer and easy platform layout of free fetish videos for you to enjoy. No need to worry about leaving comments and voting. You are still able to do so :). I ended up discovering that I outgrew "youtube" and decided to gain more control over my own empire. Since youtube seems to have an issue with not fully monitoring flagged videos that they claim to be an violation to their policy rules, no need for Princess Simone to grant haters my power, I'm way too clever to bow down to such ludicrous measures. Im simply not the type to complain about how unfair youtube play by their rules. The show must go on therefore, this spectacular dynasty is soon to come. You will be able to enjoy ALL of my selected fetish video clips I enjoy posting without any interruptions. YaY for you!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beautiful ebony lips

Its finally here, a true Princess who offers plump unique lips to adore in many different rainbow shades of lipsticks and fetish themes. These one of a kind juicy kissers are 100% authentic, no fake surgery to enhance illusion. My ethnicity is African American and native Indian giving you a unique mix of ebony beauty to embrace. As you submerge into a deeper hypnotic trance whether you are a feminization sissy strap-on crossdresser or a love sick submissive slave as a lipstick lover, Princess Simone displays an awesome diversified array of HD high deff high definition movie video clips4sale for you to purchase and worship.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Clips4Sale lipstick fetish

Are you seeking a unique black fetish femdom? Meet this beautiful ethnic mix black & indian fetishist by the name of Princess Simone specializing feminization lipstick pov clips. Humiliation love sick boys are also able to enjoy theses plump lucious lips to be mesmerized by. Perhaps you are looking for that one special clip that is just too hard to find? This black femdom also offers customed requested clips.