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Featured Clip Juicy, elegant, and stunning moist wet lips are joined together with a chocolate thick long cigar to enhance your lustful experience of inhaling and puffing smoke for human ashtray bitches to adore. Lipstick remains are left at the end of the brown stick.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Niteflirt lipstick fetish clips4sale

Are you a niteflirt
account holder who enjoy downloading PTV's? If so then lucky you to be able to download from SimoneSpoiledBlackPrincess ebony lipstick fetish store. What a long day! I finally completed the store and withing 15 min after launch announcement I made my first sale. Slaveboy called me immediately to tell me that he just couldn't' wait for his download to complete.

Im exhausted, I've been up for hours tweeking a few things here and there and also editing video clips. Sweeew I can finally rest. It is now time for you Simonster Fans to indulge in these once again awesome debauchery delight pay-per-views. Sometimes I just wonder what is it about niteflirt that makes you enjoy using their payment processor so much. I tend to grumble at their greedy fees sometimes but anyway since I know you programmed clicky boys are addicted to being just that, consistent traffic for me so oh well.

So what kind of lipstick fetishes will Princess Simone offer? The kind of content that many of you already adore, huge pretty cock sucking lips you could only dream of. I always wondered why women always tended to hate my lips but I never had any complains from the guys. Ha ha, well that just makes me, me! And so, you will find yourself absolutely captivated by the most juiciest lips you have ever laid eyes upon. No more downloading collogen and exaggerated penciled lips. What you are getting are 100% natural lips that will make your balls explode before even downloading the clip. Viewing these previews will keep you on the website all day *giggle.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Do you have a oral fixation?

Such a fascinating fetish to indulge one self in don't you think? I am SpoiledBlackPrincess Simone, the first Ebony Lady Ga Ga in the fetish industry offering unusual, unique and bizarre fetishes surrounding:

  • Hypnosis
  • Financial Domination
  • Ass Worship Toilet Fantasies
  • Lipstick Smoking oral fixations
and a few other oddities that comes to mind. Here you will specifically find one of my favorite indulgences I've always enjoyed doing as a hobby, Lipstick tease.

How could one ever find himself resisting these gorgeous plump juicy lips? In today's world, just about many are running out pumping lip injections of collagen into their faces. Oh! but not SpoiledBlackPrincess because her lips are 100% REAL. I've been asked a few times if they are fake because of their super plump appearance LoL. No offense taken at all.

These magnificent lipstick clips I offer you are now available on clips4sale for you to download instantly. You'll find many creative categories that will keep you absolutely mesmerized such as licking on lollypops, smoking cigars, gliding lipsticks to just about anything I enjoy doing pertaining to your admired erotic oral fixations.

Eager to engage in even more explosive intensity? I bet you are as your favorite fetish Princess has created a lipstick phoneline over on niteflirt for you to chat with me about all the lipstick fantasies you have in that little naughty mind of yours *giggle* As a new caller you get 3 free minutes of phone chat how awesome!